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Terms and Conditions

I understand that:

  • If my workplace is small, or I am the sole member in a small workplace, FIRST Union does not foresee being involved in negotiating individual employment agreements on my behalf.
  • As a rule, FIRST Union cannot take up workplace problems that began before I joined the union.
  • I have read and understand the Member’s Fees section of this website.
  • Any increase in union fees decided on by the union will be notified to me or my employer in writing depending on the payment method chosen. Such notice shall constitute an authorised deduction in accordance with this authority.

I authorise the union to:

  • Represent me in negotiations in respect of an employment agreement.
  • Act as my representative in exercising my rights or powers under the Employment Relations Act 2000. 

The authorities and powers of attorney given by me above shall continue in force until expressly revoked by me, giving one month's notice in writing to FIRST Union.

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