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Friday, October 31, 2014

FIRST Union is running an Organising School from the second week of February 2015, in Auckland.

The school is open to people wanting to learn union and community organising skills.  This includes union delegates or community activists from outside the union.

The course will teach a mix of organising theory, employment law and union history along with supervised practical work such as recruiting new members, bargaining collective agreements, holding meetings, handling investigation / disciplinary meetings and organising industrial and community action.

The practical nature of this course means it will require some travel and some trainee organising projects will take place outside “office hours”.

If you are dedicated to protecting and extending the rights of workers, would like to learn more about how to challenge the causes of poverty and inequality and think you could become a union or community organiser then contact FIRST Union to find out more.

The intake for the 2015 school will be 4-5 people.  Participants in the school will be paid for 30 hours per week on at least the living wage hourly rate.  The course will last for around 12 weeks.  There is no guarantee of any employment with FIRST Union after the school, but organising school graduates will be well placed to apply for organising jobs in FIRST, other unions or community organisations.

Applications close on Friday 5 December and candidates will be selected before Christmas.

For further information please contact:
Bill Bradford, Course coordinator
Phone: (021) 856 074

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