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FIRST Union speaks out against TPPA

Article Date: 
Thursday, December 6, 2012

FIRST Union joined other organisations in protesting the opening of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks in Auckland this week.

The TPPA is a mega treaty across 9 countries, that is being negotiated in secret - ordinary New Zealanders aren't allowed to see what is being agreed to in our name.

From what we know so far, if the negotiations are completed it will become much harder for the New Zealand government to look after our environment, promote health, protect workers and consumers, and promote the public interest.

At its worst - the agreement, if based on other similar ones the US wants, would give foreign companies the right to sue our government, if it passed laws to protect New Zealanders (eg health laws, workers' rights, protecting the envrionment) affected their profits.

FIRST Union believes the agreement brings no benefits to workers, but will strengthen the hands of foreign investors at the expense of New Zealand manufacturing and services firms.

Our General Secretary featured on One News this week - watch the full story on TVNZ's website - click on the One News link below.

Our Retail Secretary Maxine Gay spoke to 3 News.  "I'd like to see the text at least out in open. If this is such a great deal why does it have to be so secret," she said.  Click here to see Maxine's comments on 3 News.

Also on this page - a handy 2 minute YouTube clip explaining what the TPPA is all about - watch the clip below.  This was prepared by the group raising awareness on the TPPA in New Zealand - - who have lots of useful info on their website.  This includes their recent cartoon competition - which Mike Moreu was recently announced winner for his cartoon above.  More cartoons here.




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