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HOP card helps drivers

Article Date: 
Monday, September 19, 2011

Drivers with NZ Bus in Auckland are pleased with upgraded fare technology and new buses that have recently been introduced.

North Star driver delegate Phil Morgan said the new HOP card took a little while for passengers and drivers to get used to but is now working well.

“It is especially good on the express bus where about 80% of passengers are now using it,” he said.

“Passengers are able to load on and off very quickly. We enjoy it and the passengers enjoy it too.”

Nodley Moses, Metrolink delegate at the city depot agrees.

“We find it much quicker to load, especially schoolchildren,” he said.

Nodley also likes new buses that have recently arrived at his depot.

“They are modern inside and performed really well when we tried them out for the first time yesterday,” he said.

Several inner city bus routes have also been changed and are in the process of being trialed.

Nodley is optimistic they will also increase passenger satisfaction and make drivers jobs better.

(Source: National Distribution Union)


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