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Westpac pre-neg meetings coming up - make sure you have your say!

Friday, October 14, 2011
  • FIRST Union members in every Westpac workshite are entitled to attend a pre-negotiation meeting.  This is your chance to have a say on how you feel about the bank's claims.
  • It is very important that all members attend a meeting as this year the bank has raised substantive claims that could have a negative impact on our working conditions.
  • Email for a copy of the schedule of meetings and conference calls that are being run by union organisers and councillors.  If your site is not on the list then your delegate (or nominated member if you don't have a delegate) needs to run your meeting.  The information you need for your meeting will be coming soon.
  • Some sites will be ringing into a conference call.  All members from those sites should ring into your call, by dialing 0800 449 288 and entering the pin number 663 897 48#.
Our pre-negotiation meetings are important

Pre-neg meetings are where union members discuss and provide feedback to our bargaining team on the bank's claims and our own claims.  The meetings are also where we plan how to build strength to get a good deal at the negotiations.  Westpac has approved the meetings and given members up to half an hour to attend them.

As the bank has put up some strong claims this year, this is your opportunity to attend a meeting to have your say.

Bank’s claims in brief

· A two year term with negotiated increase each year
· Staff would be required to work on public holidays
· Termination of employment due to medical incapacity
· Removal of overtime for workers who agree to work longer than 7.5 hours a day as part of their normal working hours
· All new employees would have weekends as part of their normal working hours
· Alter start and/or finish times by up to 2 hours
· Introduction of a 7 day rotational shifts across the call centres

Please note: we will provide you with full details of the bank’s claims at your meeting.

Growing to win a fair deal

Do you think we will be more likely to win a fair deal with 50% or 70% membership? It is a simple equation – all Westpac staff are better off by having a large strong union. Please talk to all staff in your worksite, including casuals, about joining FIRST Union to achieve a fair deal at negotiations this year.

By not joining, non-members are saying to the bank that they support their claims. If non-members are concerned about the bank’s claims and wish to support their union colleagues for a fair deal, they can join the union here –

From our Westpac union council 

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