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FIRST Union is the union for bank workers and staff in banking, insurance and any other organisation in the finance sector.

Thousands of workers at banks and other financial organisations around the country choose to belong to FIRST Union.What we get paid and how we're treated at work is important to all of us.  Every staff member in our industry can help have a say by being part of FIRST Union. 

  • FIRST Union campaigns for better wages and conditions of employment
  • FIRST Union has skilled staff available to give members legal assistance.
  • Union officials in your local area assist local members. 
  • We work to fix the big issues in the banking sector through our campaigns to make banking fairer for workers, customers and the community.
  • FIRST Union members get our weekly e-news update - The Gossip, our newspaper and other regular communications.

FIRST Union is run by and for our members. We are a democratic union, and members get a say on nearly all aspects of the union, what we do and how we do it.

Union members who have been elected to the FIRST Union Executive Committee set the membership fees, and they try to keep them as low as possible while still providing the funding to run successful campaigns and give support to members.

FIRST Union is independant; no company money goes into FIRST Union. We pay our way so that control is in the members' hands.

Finance Workers FIRST!


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