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ANZ Career Training and Past Employee Care Funds

In June 2009, Finsec negotiated a major financial support package for staff who lose their job as a result of offshoring in ANZ National bank. Union representatives from sites affected by offshoring put the idea of a training fund to the bank, and the final package is a direct result of Finsec members work.

Up to $10,000 will be made available per person to fund training courses and a grant of up to $15,000 will be available per person in a hardship fund for ex staff members who are struggling to make ends meet.  The hardship fund is open to any staff member made redundant, not just those who lose their job as a result of offfshoring.

For a copy of the latest ANZ Quarterly forum reportback to members - which summarises key issues FIRST Union members asked their national representatives to discuss with senior management at ANZ please email:

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Graham Lee (Chair)Huapai, Auckland
David BrownANZ LSC, Auckland
Nola MackenMt Eden, Auckland
Mana NaparaPenrose CC
Michelle CubittTakapuna
Callum TownsendBack Office, Tory St, Wellington
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News From Where I Work


The following press release has gone out today in regards to the proposed branch closures at ANZ.


ANZ union members will be receiving a 3% pay increase today. A big thanks to union members; this increase would not have been achieved for anyone without you.


Great news – ANZ payroll have confirmed that the 3% pay increase achieved in our recent negotiations with the bank and ratified by members on 19 August, will be included, along with back-pay, in y

  • ANZ has agreed to make positive changes to the Voice of Customer survey scoring
  • The changes include that the Overall experience score will not be used any longer in determining an


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