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The latest Westpac union council report on our quarterly forum meeting with bank management was emailed to members in December 2015.  If you would like a copy please email

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View the current Westpac collective agreement, which expires 31 March 2016

Westpac Elected Union Council contacts - you can email a councillor by clicking on their name.


Maxine Mullen (Chair)


Kate Muir


Andie HeSylvia Park

Diane Cox

Auckland Contact Centre

Craig McKinnon


Sharon TaylorNapier
Linda Osborn

Christchurch Contact Centre


News From Where I Work


The Westpac Union bargaining team has been meeting with the Bank during March to bargain your collective agreement, and we are now very pleased to advise that we have a recommended offer to bring


The Union and the Bank have now completed this round of Collective Agreement bargaining.


During the week 16th to 20th February, the FIRST Union Westpac bargaining team met with the Bank to bargain our new Collective Agreement. 

WESTPAC “END OF YEAR PERFORMANCE SCORES” – this is a very important survey - please respond as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 11 December. We need everyone to participate as a poor response will lead the bank to believe this is not an important issue.
Westpac workers are better off standing together – awesome work everyone!


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