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Logistics & Warehouse

FIRST is the union for transport, logistics and warehouse workers.

Check out the latest news below from our members.

Long wait at Route and Retail

If workers were paid for their patience Junior Ipo would be a rich man.

Bidvest go union

A decision to do something about lifting their wages has seen Wellington Bidvest workers win increases of up to $3 an hour.

Union growing at Foodstuffs DC

Union culture is growing stronger all the time at Foodstuffs’ new distribution centre in Palmerston North.

Better jobs at Progressive

A new collective agreement covering the four Progressive Enterprises Distribution Centres has limited the number of casual agency staff the company can use and created more permanent positions.  The agreement creates 51 new permanent jobs this year and limits the number of agency temps that can be used at any one time to 30 percent (previously was as high as 60-70 percent).

Fletcher Crane workers on strike for better pay

FIRST Union members at Crane Distribution NZ in Onehunga have taken strike action this week in support of a better pay offer.


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