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Strike action at Warehouse Rotorua and Bunnings Mt Maunganui

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Business Day covered the growing strike wave in the retail sector. 

Workers are standing up for a better deal. 

Warehouse workers still striking after low wage offer

Date of Release: 
Friday, September 4, 2015

After strikes at the Warehouse Manukau, Blenheim and New Lynn, workers at the Warehouse Rotorua will walk off the job at 12pm today says FIRST Union organiser Dennis Maga.

Bunnings workers vote for strike action

Date of Release: 
Thursday, September 3, 2015

Workers at Bunnings Mount Maunganui are walking off the job at 1pm today after learning that the company is proposing a change which will remove the right to determine their start and finish times, says FIRST Union Retail and Finance Secretary Maxine Gay.

“While most companies are scrambling to remove this sort of insecure work model, Bunnings is taking off in the other direction.”

After Blenheim, workers at the Warehouse New Lynn vote for strike action

Date of Release: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In a strike ballot held at 3pm today, workers at the Warehouse New Lynn have voted for strike action.

Workers will hit the picket line at approximately 3.30pm.

This follows strike action at the Warehouse Blenheim at midday today and the Warehouse Manukau last Thursday.

Further strikes are expected in the coming weeks. 

Industrial unrest spreads as Warehouse workers reject wage offer

Date of Release: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
  • Workers at the Warehouse Blenheim to strike after 30 cent wage offer
  • This follows a strike at the Warehouse Manukau on Thursday
  • More stores across the country to follow

Striking workers at the Warehouse Blenheim are calling on the company to live up to its own rhetoric and pay a decent wage, says FIRST Union organiser Dennis Maga.

Workers at the Warehouse Manukau walk off the job in “wildcat” strike

Date of Release: 
Thursday, August 6, 2015

Union members at the Warehouse Manukau are undertaking a “wildcat” strike* after rejecting the company’s measly offer of a 30 cent wage increase, says FIRST Union organiser Dennis Maga.

“If workers accept the offer of a 30 cent wage increase then that would only lift the lowest pay rate to $15.32 - nowhere near the levels needed to support a family in Auckland.”

“Workers were so insulted with the 30 cent offer that they voted to undertake a wildcat strike,” says Maga.

Pak’n Save workers in wage stand-off

Date of Release: 
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Low pay offers mean Pak’n Save is beginning to earn a reputation as “Pak’n Slave” says FIRST Union senior organiser Bill Bradford.

Workers take a stand at Pak'n Save Rotorua

Date of Release: 
Friday, March 20, 2015

Workers will hit the picket line after FIRST Union members at Pak'n Save Rotorua unanimously endorsed a call for action says FIRST Union senior organiser Bill Bradford. The demonstration against bullying and intimidation will take place outside Pak'n Save Rotorua tomorrow.

"Workers are fed up with the actions of Pak'n Save Rotorua. When FIRST Union organisers entered Pak'n Save Rotorua in early March stories of management's disregard for employment law quickly emerged" says Mr Bradford.

Secure Our Hours

You might have noticed that casual, low and zero hours contracts are on the rise at Countdown. More and more members from Countdown are coming forward with their concerns. Members are alarmed at:

Stop ratting on Porirua

Article Date: 
Friday, November 14, 2014

Workers at Porirua PAK’nSAVE are inviting community supporters to join them this weekend at a picket outside the supermarket.


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