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UNEMIG Union Network of Migrants


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Union Network of Migrants is a network of migrant workers within FIRST Union. FIRST UNEMIG is migrant led, non-profit and non-sectarian.

UNEMIG aims to protect the rights and welfare of migrant workers in New Zealand.

Often migrant workers are victims of under legal minimum wage pay, abuse, discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace. Now, UNEMIG can help you.convenors

UNEMIG is for

  • FIRST Union members who consider themselves as migrant workers or those who have been in the country and are considered as non-New Zealand citizens (i.e. holders of temporary visas if a condition on their visa states they are allowed to undertake employment, work visa holders and permanent residents),
  • migrant workers of working age who belong to a worksite with no union and / or existing collective agreement,
  • family members of migrant workers
  • Migrant workers in a community who would like to be part of the network.

UNEMIG give employment relation advice through the union’s Member Support Centre or migrant advocates.  We represent members who are disadvantaged in their work such as below legal minimum labour standards, workplace bullying, discrimination.  We also arrange for immigration advice (by appointment),  assist migrants on human rights issues and economic trends affecting their employment situation. We refer migrants to relevant agencies as necessary.

We request settlement support for migrants. UNEMIG has a good working relationship with the settlement support coordinators and takes part in regular seminars for new migrants by providing employment relations information. We link migrant workers with migrant community organisations and campaign on various issues affecting migrant workers, unions and communities.

Migrant workers already belonging to FIRST Union and paying a FIRST Union fee can join UNEMIG for free.   Other migrant workers may join UNEMIG at a fee of currently $2.55 per week.UNEMIG logo

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Unemig News

Dennis Maga: Fifa human and labour rights abuses taint U-20 World Cup

Date of Release: 

UNEMIG co-ordinator and migrant worker organiser Dennis Maga had an op-ed published in the New Zealand Herald. 

Dennis called out FIFA for worker rights abuses and asked, in hosting the FIFA U-20 World Cup, whether "we brought our way into a racket?"


Dennis Maga on the Paul Henry Show

Date of Release: 

Dennis Maga, a senior organiser here at FIRST Union and the co-ordinator of the Union Network of Migrants (UNEMIG), appeared on the Paul Henry show to discuss the exploitation of migrant workers at a number of Masala chains


Criticisms a plenty over employment changes

Date of Release: 

There are fears international students will be exploited under new rules designed to increase the number of foreigners studying here.

Open visa call from migrant advocate

Date of Release: 

Migrant workers are not protected enough to be able to expose abuse from their employers, a migrant workers' advocate says.

Migrant workers 'being exploited'

Date of Release: 

An advocate for migrant workers says a bill before Parliament that aims to crack down on exploitation cannot come soon enough.


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