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New era begins

When FIRST Union bursts into life in October it will get off to a flying start.

Bargaining a great experience

Northshore Bunnings delegate Phil Lawson has lived an interesting life but he rates bargaining as a great experience.

Long wait at Route and Retail

If workers were paid for their patience Junior Ipo would be a rich man.

Bidvest go union

A decision to do something about lifting their wages has seen Wellington Bidvest workers win increases of up to $3 an hour.

Top gun recruiter

Dalwinder Singh is a top union member recruiter– and she has just won a hundred dollars prize for her efforts.

MECA at Leopard

When the NDU in Christchurch started recruiting new members at Leopard Coach Lines prior to renegotiating the collective agreement in 2009 they got a big surprise.

$15 minimum at Transpacific

Despite toiling in a dirty and difficult environment, workers at Transpacific Industries recycling plants in Auckland and Wellington were among the poorest paid in the union.

Delegate at the airport

If you have ever traveled overseas its very likely you have bought some duty free wine from NDU delegate Kerree Vianello at DFS Galleria.


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