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FIRST Union in the News

Health and safety strike at Pan Pac

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Workers have issued a strike notice over the kiln due to health and safety concerns.

Workers at Pan Pac Mill in the Hawkes Bay are on strike after four workers were hospitalised. 

Karl Andersen on double crewing all ambulances

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Double crewing ambulances saves lives, as Transport and Logistics Secretary Karl Andersen explains to the New Zealand Herald. 

Karl Andersen on the Auckland bus drivers' strike

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Karl Andersen, our Transport and Logistics Secretary, appeared on the Paul Henry Show to explain why bus drivers are striking across Auckland - and why much of the blame can be sheeted home to Auckland Transport. 


Is there slavery in New Zealand?

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FIRST Union, UNEMIG and TV3's current affairs show 3D expose a shocking case of migrant worker exploitation. FIRST Union goes in to rescue the workers. 

Edward Miller at

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Our strategic adviser Edward Miller contributed a Top Ten column at These are ten things you should know. 


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