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FIRST Union in the News

Te Kaea, Te Karere and other news reports Tachikawa

Date of Release: 
TVNZ's Te Karere and Maori Television's Te Kaea closely followed the story this week about the money owed to former  workers at Tachikawa Forest Products, now in receivership. 

RadioLIVE on Tachikawa redudancy payment

Date of Release: 
Robert Reid discusses the developments on RadioLIVE News.

Union on second industrial death this week

Date of Release: 

Another forestry worker has been killed - the second death in a week and the ninth this year despite a Government crack-down on the industry.  

RadioLIVE on bank targets

Date of Release: 

RadioLIVE covered the release of FIRST Union's research paper on the affects of sales targets on women in New Zealand banks.

Listen to the audio below from RadioLIVE news on Friday morning, November 22.


Forestry death leads to fines for contractor

Date of Release: 

A Taupo-based forestry contracting company has been fined $67,500 following the death of one of its crew members in a tree felling accident near Pongaroa in northern Wairarapa in November last year.


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