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FIRST Union in the News

MBIE takes action after complaints

Date of Release: 

The labour watchdog is taking legal action against an Auckland restaurant chain accused of paying staff as little as four dollars an hour for up to 70 hours' work a week.

Union official seeks answers after fatal truck crashes

Date of Release: 
Karl Andersen, secretary of transport and logistics for the First Union, last night was seeking answers to stop truck deaths.

Kerikeri truck collision sparks call for inquiry

Date of Release: 

There's a call for an inquiry into the causes of truck accidents, following another fatality in a two truck crash near Kerikeri.

Sick day notes under scrutiny

Date of Release: 
"I am disturbed that it looks like doctors are really being leaned on by forces outside of the relationship that they have with their patients to breach more and more of the confidentiality between patient and doctor," said FIRST Union's Robert Reid.

70 call centre jobs come to Wellington from Melbourne

Date of Release: 

FIRST Union's Robert Reid speaks to Mary Wilson on Radio NZ's Checkpoint programme about the shift of 70 ANZ call centre jobs from Melbourne to Wellington.


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