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FIRST Union in the News

"I think he's got it terribly wrong" - Maxine Gay slams Easter trading proposals

Date of Release: 

Maxine Gay, our Retail and Finance Secretary, appeared on TV One's Breakfast to oppose the government's proposed changes to Easter trading laws. 

Workers get 3 and a half guaranteed days off each year. We think those are worth protecting, not reducing.

Karl Andersen on safety standards

Date of Release: 

Our Transport and Logistics Secretary, Karl Andersen, spoke to the New Zealand Herald about the urgent need for clear safety standards in the waste and rubbish collection industry. 

There have been 11 deaths in the industry since 2001.

Robert Reid on the TPPA

Date of Release: 

Opposition against the TPPA is hitting another gear. 

Our General Secretary Robert Reid made it clear on 3 News that the government must walk away from this dodgy deal. 

Q+A panel

Date of Release: 

Robert Reid appeared on Q+A with former National Party president Michelle Boag and business and economics journalist Bernard Hickey. 

Here are the links to the first panel and the second panel

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