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FIRST Union in the News

The faster growing economy bolsters corporate profits

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More on banks profits this morning. 

Radio NZ's Economics Editor looked more generally at how company profits aren't getting anywhere near their workers. 

Mill workers 'fingers crossed'

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On Monday it was announced that wood processor Southern Cross Forest Products had gone into receivership.

NZ banks urged to share profits with staff

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Following an annual report on banks, on Tuesday we said that big profits at New Zealand’s banks show they have ample room to improve pay and bring in less stressful working conditions.

Te Kaea, Te Karere and other news reports Tachikawa

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TVNZ's Te Karere and Maori Television's Te Kaea closely followed the story this week about the money owed to former  workers at Tachikawa Forest Products, now in receivership. 

RadioLIVE on Tachikawa redudancy payment

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Robert Reid discusses the developments on RadioLIVE News.


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