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FIRST Union in the News

NZ shops flooded with cheap clothing

Date of Release: 
Most New Zealand chains are yet to join the accord to promote safer conditions for factory workers overseas.

NZ retailers criticised for not backing Bangladesh safety pact

Date of Release: 
First Union, a union representing retail and clothing workers in New Zealand, criticised Kmart's decision to not be part of the accord.

Youth rates decried

Date of Release: 

Supermarket staff are going back to the bargaining table following a workers' protest to prevent youth rates being introduced in their store.

Concern for migrant workers in NZ

Date of Release: 

Another shocking migrant worker abuse case has been exposed by FIRST Union's migrant workers organisation UNEMIG, in this One News article from Saturday.

FIRST Union on Marcus Lush Breakfast on RadioLIVE

Date of Release: 

FIRST Union's Maxine Gay speaks with Marcus Lush on RadioLIVE.


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