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FIRST Union in the News

NZ shops flooded with cheap clothing

Date of Release: 
Most New Zealand chains are yet to join the accord to promote safer conditions for factory workers overseas.

NZ retailers criticised for not backing Bangladesh safety pact

Date of Release: 
First Union, a union representing retail and clothing workers in New Zealand, criticised Kmart's decision to not be part of the accord.

Youth rates decried

Date of Release: 

Supermarket staff are going back to the bargaining table following a workers' protest to prevent youth rates being introduced in their store.

Concern for migrant workers in NZ

Date of Release: 

Another shocking migrant worker abuse case has been exposed by FIRST Union's migrant workers organisation UNEMIG, in this One News article from Saturday.

Workers rally at Pak n Slave

Date of Release: 

FIRST Union's Maxine Gay speaks on Radio NZ's Morning Report on Pak n Save's low wages.


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